Think like a Business Owner

by | Sep 28, 2021

You make the most amazing products with so much care, talent and love, the whole world should know about them.

Yet rather than focusing on the marketing and selling part of your products you would rather spend your day creating and making.

So it goes a little bit like this:

You create something you love

You take some photos (whatever type that comes to your mind that day)

You list your product with a sweet story in the description

You wait

You twiddle your thumbs

No ka-ching 

You post it on Instagram, of course how did you forget?

Barely anyone sees it

You go feed the cat, take a walk,  go for cream tea with Granny

Go home, check your notifications: nothing, nada, zilch!

You decide that you want to focus on what you love, so you make a new product

You repeat the process

History repeats itself…

You feel like a failure

You have had enough of this

You see Annie from The Purple Purse  doing a brilliant job, what is she doing that you are not?!  

You get tired of it all, you give up! 

Let’s just get this straight right away: If you don’t treat your business like a business, it is just a hobby.

Nothing wrong with this, except that you might make just enough money to feed your daily Starbucks obsession, not pay your mortgage and without being able to live off your creations you can’t go on forever. Well unless you inherit a fortune from Auntie Jo and you never have to worry ever again.

To think like a business owner is to think, first and foremost in terms of sales and marketing before even designing and creating any product.

Trust me, been there, done that, got the tee shirt. When I started designing Embroidery Patterns I designed what I loved and received tons of praises every time I posted a new pattern however the sales were far and few.

It is only when I started to ask what do my clients wanted exactly? what motivated them to buy my products? that I started seeing my sales taking off. Market research is one aspect of thinking like a business owner first.

For your business to survive and thrive, you need as many of the right people as possible to know about it and buy it at the right price.

This is obviously a very concise summary but in a nutshell that’s all there is. Your mindset should be dialed on the business side of things before the creative side of things. Thinking in this order will also simplify the creative process. The more you know what your clients like and want, the more you can adapt your products to fill their needs.

I am not going to lie, it is a journey. You will have to put in the time and energy upfront but hopefully it becomes easier as you move into the process.

Start here and download your Roadmap! 


Hello,I am Peggy!

French, Mother of boys, married to a Brit and living in Chicagoland since 2014.

A career in Marketing and Event Management, followed by running my own Branding and Online Marketing consultancy, a big relocation, running a craft based business later and here we are now!  

I work with Makers, Crafters and Artists who are struggling to make sense of the business aspect of running a handmade business and create resources entirely focused on bitesize and easy to implement content. 

I am also a Hand Embroidery Artist at French Mango, and I teach and create embroidery patterns.


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