September 20 – 24th, 2021

Let’s turn your beautiful skill into a profitable business!

Handmaker: noun – someone who creates beauty with their hands.

Includes but not only: Jewelry makers, painters, print makers, pattern designers, textile artists, seamstresses, knitters, ceramic artists, crocheters, candle makers, soap makers, bag designers, etc 

As much as I would LOVE to say so, running a handmade business is not all creativity and rainbows. 

You are making  beautifully handcrafted products and you pour your heart and soul into them. What you really want now, is to sell more of them so that you can live the dream of generating an income, doing what you love most everyday! 

The problem is that you have looked everywhere and what you have discovered an endless flow of people telling you  you have to do all the things to grow your business! 

It is just  too much… You feel like you are failing and on the edge of giving up. You start comparing yourself to all the amazing makers who seem to be doing so well and it is starting to damage your confidence.

Sound pretty accurate right?

What you really want is…

To learn where to focus your time and energy to no longer feel overwhelmed but instead feel confident that you are taking all the steps necessary to grow.

Simple and implementable strategies from leading experts sharing generously their best tips.

A better understanding of how to use social media and various digital tools to expand your reach and sell more.

Systems and workflows that makes space for creativity! 

You can have all of this!

The best part is that I have something really exciting for you… 


Forget about information overload, the content of this summit has been entirely designed to provide a solution and a focus on actions that make a difference with action steps that you need to take to grow. 

We are simplifying, not adding to your load of information.

Over 5 days, 25+ experts will share their knowledge to help you launch and grow your handmade business! 

Maybe this is you… 


You make these beautiful hand crafted products and you have been told more often than you can remember that you should sell them, that many people would love to own one or many. 

You want to give it a go, but you are not sure what to do or how to start.


You decided to jump in and read a few guides on how to use ETSY and Instagram and launched your shop. You brainstormed a name, took a few photos of your products and posted them all to Instagram in one go.

Since then… well not much has happened and you are starting to lose confidence.

Learning to fly

Your shop has been open for a little while and you have finally started to gain momentum. You are making sales but not quite enough that you could pay your mortgage or leave your day job yet.

The problem is that you are doing it ALL by yourself and you are feeling like you are sinking a little more everyday.

You need to work smarter, not harder.

Meet your host

Hi! I am Peggy, an Embroidery artist at French Mango who has been feeling exactly like you: overwhelmed and exhausted running a handmade business doing it all.

Desiging, creating, packaging, marketing, selling… I know how crazy it can be and mostly how you can easily fall into the trap of thinking that you would be better of giving up on your dream.

I beg you, please don’t!

Not only I am going to teach what I have learnt to allow me to achieve more doing less but I am also very proud to say that I have worked very hard to find an AMAZING panel of experts who are going to generously share with us during the Summit nuggets of gold that are going to make a huge difference in your day to day and your sales.

Let’s find out more, shall we?

The Details 


The Handmakers Academy Summit will run from September 20th to 24th with a variety of presentations and interactive events to choose from each day.


They will last 20 – 30 min and have checklists to track the actions you take. Each one will be available to watch on replay for 24hrs to encourage you to stop waiting and start taking action along with the thousands of handmakers also attending. 


As an attendee you’ll have the chance to win prizes based on engagement, BINGO, and giveaways. In fact, entries are being awarded right now in the Facebook group. Come on in and join the fun!

The Advanced Success Bundle

After registering, you can also upgrade to gain access to the VIP Access Pass or Advanced Success Bundle. That means  you’ll get lifetime access to presentations, audio version of the presentations to listen on the go, worksheets, co-working sessions and more.

You won’t want to miss it!


From your couch, lounging in the sun, while cooking or doing your nails or, of course, from your studio while designing and creating beauty! In a nutshell, it is up to you as long as you can plug into your session.

Party it up

You’ll also have access to a private Facebook group for the summit where we’ll be partying it up before the summit starts and working together to launch and grow your handmade business once it kicks off.

Implementation Day

Tuning from your home is great, but the opportunity to connect to others who have similar goals is powerful. That’s why we’ll have live, interactive events on Friday! These sessions will include: 

  • VIP only workshops – gain clarity and hatch a plan for growth with the help of an expert according to the stage you are at: Brooding, Hatching, Flying
  • Co-working sessions – get work done alongside other hand-makers 
  • VIP Hot seats – available to VIP pass holders only. Review parts of your business with the help of experts.

These sessions have been designed to take what you will learn throughout the week and get you to take action. 

This is not your average Summit!

You don’t need MORE general advice to grow your business online. You can do a quick search online and you will get more than you bargained for.

What you need is to hear for specialized advice from expert who are going to help you focus your efforts on what makes a difference, nothing more, nothing less. 

The Handmakers Academy Summit has been created for handmakers like you who are overwhelmed, lacking focus and clarity, not entirely sure what step to take to grow a profitable business without losing their sanity.

Every single strategy, advice and tutorials are created for people like you, makers and products sellers, not everyone selling something online!

More details and info to come…

Do you have a question?

Don’t hesitate to get in touch!