What does success mean to you?

by | Sep 21, 2021

Did you know that each and everyone of us measure success differently?

Actually, do you even know what success means to you? What do you believe to be true when you think of the meaning of success? It is important for all of us to ask ourselves that question and not just once but on a regular basis because as we evolve and as life changes, goal posts move.

It is crucial that you define success in your own terms because unless you know what success looks like to you you are not able to live a life in tune with yourself and your deep desires.

You may be one of the lucky ones and have a natural ability for it, but you could also be living with a fake idea of success, adopted from popular beliefs and constantly try to fit a mold that doesn’t suit you. 

You, like me, have probably grown up with an idea of what success should look like. It has been shoved in our faces through what we read, watched, heard. 

We have grown up believing that success would most probably come in the shape of a high flying career, a luxury car, a huge house and holidays in the most instagramable of places.

These are all outside measures of success. They don’t come from deep within, from what makes YOU happy.

By measuring success this way what you are basically saying is that you are failing until you reach these milestones. Success becomes a destination and the journey is only a mean to get there, not something to enjoy.

This denies a crucial part of  what makes a happy life and it is to find joy in the now

What if we were measuring success on how much we enjoy to be in flow? Living everyday with a purpose greater than to buy an expensive car? And what if focusing on what makes us get out of bed with a spring in our step was the same thing that was leading us to being able to live an abundant life? What if our definition of abundant was not the same for all of us? 

Being truly successful is being able to say you have created a life based on what you want and you haven’t settled for anything less.

When you choose a path connected to what makes you happy everyday, no matter how hard or how many times you stumble, you will get up and keep going. You will dust yourself and you will find the motivation to get back on track. You will find it easier to stay dedicated to your dream and you will have no choice but to make it happen!

Do you know what you really want?

We spend an awful lot of time living busy lives.

We convince ourself that it is ok as it is and for the luckiest ones of us it is a reality, but for the majority of us we hide behind what feels safe and comfortable rather than pushing ourselves towards our own purpose. There is no true happiness in that place.

You need to take time to define how you want to live your life, take risks and work to make it happen. When you set the wheels in motion there is a force in the Universe that works hard for you and with you.

If you need it, request the worksheet to help you work through the process of defining your idea of success and trust that you can make it happen!


Hello,I am Peggy!

French, Mother of boys, married to a Brit and living in Chicagoland since 2014.

A career in Marketing and Event Management, followed by running my own Branding and Online Marketing consultancy, a big relocation, running a craft based business later and here we are now!  

I work with Makers, Crafters and Artists who are struggling to make sense of the business aspect of running a handmade business and create resources entirely focused on bitesize and easy to implement content. 

I am also a Hand Embroidery Artist at French Mango, and I teach and create embroidery patterns.


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