Dear handmade business owner, welcome!

First of all thank you for your visit, I am looking forward to getting to know you.

I know that you are a talented handmaker and I also know that your goal is to create everyday and make enough money to support your dream lifestyle whatever this means to you.

I also know that nowadays, even though the internet is providing us with the most unbelievable opportunities to learn and grow  it can also make you feel like you are drowning under a huge amount of information, maybe designed to help you but ultimately making you lose your mind and sanity.

The Handmakers Academy is content organized to simplify the process.

It is not about giving you another layer of information to take away to the sofa and think about, it is content carefully put together and curated, boiled down to what matters and created to give you a process easy to follow. 

There is always more you can do, for sure and also more to learn but you don’t have to shove it down your throat all at once.

I don’t believe in hustling!

No, I believe that life is too short and precious to spend it living at 300 miles an hour, convinced that to be successful you have to constantly push through everything you don’t like doing.

I like my life with a sprinkle of smelling the roses and the occasional lie in.

What I believe fiercely is in working smarter, not harder!

First let’s rewind a bit and let me tell you where it all started.

I started my professional career in Marketing and Event Management, I loved it almost as much as I loved working in London close to Miss Selfridges. 

I met THE guy, fell in love, bought a house, got a giant dog, changed the car to fit the dog, got married and had a baby, then 16 month later had another one. 

This is when I jumped off the corporate hamster wheel to look after my two boys, when I realized that child-minders were asking for both my arms for the privilege of applauding their first steps. Honestly, that was a really shit trade off, even if I did miss that perk during the potty training years and somehow questioned my choices.

What I very quickly realized is that I needed to work.

It was the lifeline I needed to survive and to be a decent parent.

I remember that moment vividly, It was at yet another soft play, while rocking my youngest one in my wrap around kangaroo style, and trying to safeguard my eldest from knocking another set of teeth (he did that a couple of times). 

It hit me that I needed something else, another layer of ME. So I did what a lot of mums did at the time and started a blog. A parenting one of course, it was obvious I had plenty to share that involved making fun of my kids.

And just like that, I discovered a brand new world.

I discovered how much I loved writing to connect. This blog gave me friendships that survived beyond the blog itself. I learnt new skills and realized I was pretty good at it when my blog started hitting top blog rankings and awards. 

I became a certified coach and studied NLP and with all of this under my belt I worked with small but mighty and ambitious business owners as a Branding and Online Marketing Consultant and taught them how to blog and use social media to have a bigger voice and impact.

I spoke at conferences in London and ran multiple social media workshops, loved every single minute of it and then…

we moved across the other side of the World to a town outside of Chicago.

Not so long after we arrived Mother Nature went “OMG, you here!! I am so excited!!! let me show you how I can drown you under feets of snow and freeze the inside of your nostrils!! See? Such fun, right?!

I am not going to lie, it was a shock to the system in many ways and I found myself mopping about in an empty house, kids in school, husband at work, no friends, the dog and me staring into each other’s eyes.

I couldn’t work so I decided to get a hobby.

I became totally obsessed with Pinterest and my daily shopping sprees at Joann’s and Michael’s.

I learnt to stitch when I was a kid with my mum and grandma while watching the Love Boat  (true story) and before I knew it, I was stitching again and was designing my own patterns. I opened an instagram account and people went “This is so darling! Do you sell the pattern?” And I went “Sure”.

Slowly it became a business I was able to put my teeth into.

It grew into making money selling patterns and kits, but teaching embroidery was the most enjoyable part though and after running 4 very successful Live Stitch Along with a wonderful group of stitchers I realized how much I missed coaching and teaching.

I got to know the world of Modern Handmakers being one of them and teaching to them and it became obvious very quickly that the most common issue faced by most, is overwhelm due to having to do so much not only to create products but to sell them.

I also realized early on that a lot of amazing makers lack in knowledge to run a successful business online and that was something not only I was good at but that I loved teaching, so here we are!

Again welcome and I hope you find all that you are looking for to help you reach that dream of yours.

With love,

Peggy x

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